Sigma Young Talent in collaboration with Skandia

Skandia Dev Talent is a joint initiative between Sigma Young Talent and the partner Skandia. The purpose of the program is to recruit twelve junior system developers who will get the best possible career start. The program starts in February 2019 and offers participants technical training and coaching during the employment, to get into work quickly and become team members. Skandia Dev Talent is tailored to Skandia's needs for .NET developers.

– Skandia Dev Talent is a very good complement in our toolbox in order to secure our skills supply here and now, but also in the long term. For Skandia in general and IT in particular, it is a strategically important puzzle to attract young talents from an already challenging job market, where skills shortage continues, says Jan Franzén, Chief IT Applications at Skandia.

– We are incredibly proud and happy to get the confidence to build and manage the program together with Skandia. A talent program in this form is a great opportunity for the candidates to deepen their knowledge and become skilled developers, and for Skandia, it is a great way to attract talent in a very tough market, says Daniel Gyllensparre, Business Manager at Sigma Young Talent.

About Skandia

"With us, commitment, responsibility and a will to develop are some of the qualities we value the highest. We believe that cooperation takes us longer than any individual can do. And we believe in an organization where diversity and gender equality are as obvious as putting our customers first.

We do not sell products, we create long-term security.

We do not sit with all the answers, that is why we need your help to solve tomorrow's challenges. Your contribution will make a difference! "

Skandia is a pension company, with 2,200 employees, offering occupational pension with preventive health insurance to enable you to build the foundation for a safe pension and be well on your way there. We manage more than 600 billion to our 2 million customers and let the money work in a way that gives a good return while building a better society. With us there is also a mortgage and savings bank that enables you to handle your entire finances from pension to bills.

About Sigma Young Talent

Sigma Young Talent focuses on IT talents in the early years of their IT and R&D careers. Sigma Young Talent offers consultants, Try & Hire and talent programs. Sigma Young Talent is part of Sigma Group, which consists of leading consulting companies with the goal of making their customers more competitive. In order to achieve this promise, Sigma combines technical know-how, excellence and passion for constantly developing new and better solutions. Sigma has 4000 employees in twelve countries and is owned by Danir, held by the Dan Olofsson family.

Caption: Sigma Young Talent in collaboration with Skandia. In the picture, from Sigma Young Talent: Johan Ward, Business Unit Manager and Daniel Gyllensparre, Business Manager. From Skandia: Birgitta Åhman, IT Manager; Cecilia Henriksson, IT Manager; Delila Mauritzon, IT Manager; Gunnar Bedman, Manager Solution Center .NET and Emelie Allinger, HR Partner IT.

For more information
Johan Ward
Business Unit Manager, Sigma Young Talent Stockholm
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Daniel Gyllensparre
Business Manager, Sigma Young Talent Stockholm
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Beatrice Silow
Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT Consulting
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