Sigma launches a new website for Karlskrona Municipality

A simplified everyday life through attractive and accessible information and service - this is the purpose of the new website for Karlskrona Municipality, created by Sigma IT Consulting.

The main objective was a new website with clear citizenship focus and information in plain language. is a website based on the target groups’ needs and adapted to provide the best possible service for each group.

–This is really a new start for us. We built from scratch and throughout the project we have had a very good and close cooperation with the Sigma team. Now we have an excellent platform for continuous development of public service and self-services for our visitors, says Johan Olsson at the communications department in Karlskrona Municipality. will contribute to satisfied citizens as well as more open and efficient administration by:

  • Increasing customer benefit
  • Creating more involvement from residents
  • Increasing the use of self-services
  • Increasing traffic to
  • –We were very excited when we won the procurement for the new website. The Municipality is a very nice and exciting customer that we have worked with earlier. They are constantly coming up with new challenging ideas! We look forward to continuing working with them, says Tobias Kummel, Business Unit Manager at Sigma IT Consulting in Karlskrona.

    The creation of the new website started with an effect mapping to clarify what benefits users request. A clear requirement specification was formulated, but during the course of the project, the scope was expanded with new ideas. There were always clear procedures for how work and communication should be handled, which contributed to a good contact between everyone involved. is built on the platform Episerver, which provides good opportunities for further development.

    For more information

    Tobias Kummel
    Business Unit Manager
    +46 730 600 202

    Johan Olsson
    Communication Department, Karlskrona Municipality
    0455 30 33 76

    Beatrice Silow
    Communications and Culture Director, Sigma IT Consulting
    +46 703 79 1506