Sigma IT Consulting and Kodcentrum cooperate at the International Science Festival in Gothenburg. Under the theme “Hack the game” they want to inspire children to programming, create games, find bugs and solve tricky problems together. The kids can also try to program outside the computer and steer their friends like robots in a game on the floor!

–We are incredibly proud that we, together with Kodcentrum, can offer school children an insight into the world of programming and show what an exciting world it is, says Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Director at Sigma IT Consulting.
The importance of children and young people meeting IT and programming from an early age cannot be underestimated. Sigma has therefore, together with Kodcentrum, organized classes, so called Kodstugor, for schoolchildren who are interested in programming. It is gratifying that everyone in elementary school from this autumn finally will have digitalization and programming on the schedule.

Today there is a lack of IT and technical competence in Sweden, and IT & Telekomföretagen has presented a competency report showing a shortage of 70,000 people in the IT industry by 2022. Sigma wants to help solve this shortage. In addition to a partnership with Kodcentrum to secure IT skills in the longer term, Pink Programming is another partner working together to get more women interested in programming. They also work to bring in more female role models and female leaders at the company. The company also runs the Sigma Smart Women Society network, where female profiles inspire and show the way to the IT Industry.

With hundreds of activities and about 70,000 visits The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading popular science events and the only one of its kind in Sweden. The goal is to create a positive attitude towards research and science and to encourage higher education.

The Science Festival aims to communicate science to schools and the general public in an easily accessible and stimulating way, as well as providing a meeting place for the research community. The goal is to promote a positive attitude to science and research, and to encourage higher study.

The festival is multidisciplinary and consists of three programs: a school program, a professional program and a program open for the general public.

The science festival's program for the school is scheduled for April 16-27, and the open program for the general public is April 17-22. More info can be found at

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