Sigma and Formpipe offer junior talents a dream start to their career

Formpipe Talent Program is a new program developed in collaboration between Sigma Young Talent and Formpipe Software AB. The program combines work with a large amount of education, mentorship and team building, and aims to attract eight junior talents to offer them a dream start to their career. The program starts in early February 2019 and is tailored specifically for Formpipe's needs of system developers.

– We are looking forward to investing in talents that are in the beginning of their careers. In a labor market characterized by severe competition, we see this as a new way of attracting key competencies to our business. Through the program, participants also have the opportunity to quickly get into work and become part of our team that helps our customers in their digitalization work, says Christian Sundin, CEO at Formpipe.

– We are very pleased that Formpipe has given us the confidence to run the Formpipe Talent Program, and that we will be able to deepen an already strong partnership. Participants in the program will be challenged and developed, and they will be able to create the right benefit for society by helping Formpipe's customers work more efficiently through new digital solutions, says Johan Ward, Business Unit Manager at Sigma.

About Formpipe

Formpipe Software AB is a software company within ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The company develops and supplies products and solutions for structuring information in larger companies, authorities and organizations. Formpipe software helps organizations capture, manage, distribute and put information in a context. Reduced costs, minimized risk exposure and structured information are the benefits of using the company's ECM products. Formpipe was established in 2004 and has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Formpipe's share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

About Sigma Young Talent

Sigma Young Talent focuses on IT talents in the early years of their IT and R&D careers. Sigma Young Talent offers consultants, Try & Hire and talent programs. Sigma Young Talent is part of Sigma Group, which consists of leading consulting companies with the goal of making their customers more competitive. In order to achieve this promise, Sigma combines technical know-how with excellence and passion for constantly developing new and better solutions. Sigma has over 4000 employees in twelve countries and is owned by Dan Olofsson family holding company Danir AB.

For more information

Johan Ward
Business Unit Manager, Sigma Young Talent Stockholm
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Beatrice Silow
Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT Consulting

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