Mikael Damberg, Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, tested e-Health at Sigma in Gothenburg

When Mikael Damberg, Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, visited Sigma IT Consulting in Göteborg on May 8, he got the opportunity to test innovations in eHealth. Using Coala Heart Monitor Mikael Damberg's heart was tested. Coala Heart Monitor is a unique Swedish innovation where the patient himself can measure the heart condition and transfer the results to an online medical caregiver. A recent survey shows that the referral rate was successfully reduced by 40 % where Coala Heart Monitor was used.

– Very easy and smart, Mikael Damberg said about Coala Heart Monitor.

Sigma's partner Imagine Care subsequently demonstrated their digital and physical care platform. Once again, Mikael Damberg was the test patient and this time it was weighing. The result was uploaded so that healthcare staff online can instantly evaluate the result. With this, the staff can make an assessment if any actions need to be taken. Tests, using this digital platform on patients with chronic diseases, showed the potential of a 35 % reduction of visits to primary care centers. This would simplify for the patients, as well as increase efficiency for healthcare professionals.

Before the meeting ended, the attendees got the opportunity to ask questions directly to the minister.

In response to the question of how Sweden implements digital solutions in healthcare, Mikael Damberg said that many concrete actions and improvements are made thanks to digitization, but it takes longer time than desired. Stakeholders, such as the government and SKL, work together to find long term solutions covering the whole health system.

Questions about Artificial Intelligence, AI, also came up, and the minister said it is clear that Artificial Intelligence is important for Sweden, and our strength and potential is to be the best in the so-called narrow AI, i.e. the specialist usage within specific areas. The minister also said that there should be no concern about recent headlines saying that several job roles will disappear due to digitization. There will be as many jobs in the future but there will be changes and a competence shift. Education will be needed throughout the working life and new professions will be added as technology evolves.

– We are very pleased and proud that the Minister of Enterprise and Innovation chose to visit us, says Lars Kry, CEO of Sigma IT Consulting. We are driven by the vision Expect a better tomorrow, and it is fantastic that Mikael Damberg shares our view of the future in terms of digitization and eHealth.

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