​Jeppesen and Sigma Young Talent in a new collaboration for recruitment and education of future talents

Jeppesen and Sigma Young Talent in Gothenburg have together initiated an introduction and development program. The program aims to ensure growth and safeguard specialized expertise within IT and programming at Jeppesen.

– For us this program is an important initiative and an amazing opportunity where we can see many benefits by collaborating with a partner that already established channels of communication to students, says Peter Andersson, CEO at Jeppesen Systems AB.

Every day the teams at Jeppesen strive to outdo themselves and assist the airline and train industry to do the same. It is a very exciting market in which the company plays an essential role. At Jeppesen you turn what is complicated into something easy and the participants of the introduction and development program will contribute with both passion, innovation and energy to Jeppesen’s journey to new heights.

The participants of the program will be trained and coached in parallel with their work. This gives them a unique opportunity to get a head start of their career. Areas of competence which is being focused on is software engineering, optimization, support, project management and personal development.

Peter Andersson CEO at Jeppesen continues:

– We would also like the participants to play an important role in our work to further develop our agile culture. Maybe some of them could be a future leader?

The program is under formation, recruitment has begun and will continue until September.

– It is incredible to be able to create this talent program for newly graduated together with Jeppesen. The program gives the candidates a flying start in their careers. The participants of the talent program are given the opportunity to grow by combining practice and theory. A talent program is an excellent way to attract desirable competence at the candidate market, says Pernilla Johansson, Deputy Managing Director at Sigma Young Talent.

About Jeppesen Systems AB

Jeppesen develops and markets advanced software solutions for example scheduling and fuel optimization for the airline industry. There are 400 people from more than 35 countries working at Jeppesen Systems AB in Gothenburg. The company is well known for developing several new methods and algorithms to solve major and complex optimization problems. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of Boeing, the world’s leading airline with over 160 000 employees in 70 countries and headquarters in the United States.

About Sigma Young Talent

Sigma Young Talent focuses on talents in the very beginning of their careers within the IT and R&D sector, and offers the market junior consultants, consulting recruitment and talent programs. Sigma Young Talent is a part of Sigma Group which consists of leading consulting companies with the goal to make their customers more competitive. To be able to reach and keep that promise, Sigma combines its technical know-how, expertise and passion to constantly develop new and better solutions. Sigma has more than 3,800 employees within twelve countries and is owned by the Dan Olofsson-family holding company Danir AB.

For more information contact:

Pernilla Johansson, Deputy Managing Director, Sigma Young Talent
Phone: +46 703 99 67 06

Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Director, Sigma IT Consulting
Phone: +46 703 79 15 05