Inspiring about leadership in digital change on Sigma's Inspiration Day in Gothenburg

The digital revolution creates new opportunities in all industries. Sigma's Inspiration Day in Gothenburg, about leadership in digital change, offered many interesting speakers from companies within different fields; From Axel Johnson with its 150-year history, to high-tech WirelessCar and innovation seekers Chalmers Ventures.

Pia Anderberg, VP Executive People & Innovation, spoke about Axel Johnson's interesting work on raising knowledge, reorganizing work methods, and leadership in the ongoing journey that retail companies do in the digital era. She generously shared what lessons the company has learned so far, regarding the challenges and opportunities they have encountered. One important lesson was "The difference is that change is a new permanent state that never take a break, and in order to keep the direction, we must know what we want to achieve."

Chalmers Venture CEO, Linnéa Lindau, told us of the exciting journey the company made to become the best in the Nordic region and Europe's third best university incubator. What decisions had to be taken and how to value man and creation. Linnéa was also clear that there was a great insight and understanding for being allowed to fail in order to succeed. She says, "It will go wrong – a lot of times – it's OK!".

Director of Strategy & Product Management at WirelessCar, Sofia Granath, finished the day talking about her personal journey based on passion and the desire to create and influence the future. It was about exposing new knowledge that concerns, frightens and tickles, where leadership is about controlling what the company needs and understands. Important to see the whole picture and the flow, how things are related and affects.

–Being a leader in a time of digital change requires a new approach. It is important to take advantage of the best, make quick decisions to change the course in both large and small without hesitation, says Lars Kry, CEO of Sigma IT Consulting.

About 400 people, from the private and public sectors in the Gothenburg region, gathered on Friday at Lindholmen Science Park for Sigma's Inspiration Day.

–We know that the interest in leadership of our time is a high-level topic that engages, but it is still amazing that so many share our passion and come to be inspired and acquire new knowledge. I want to take the opportunity to thank both speakers and participants, who made the day successful, says Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Director at Sigma IT Consulting.