Congratulations Team Boysen from Täby – winner of the Sigma League of Legends Tournament

Four teams fought on Sunday to win the Sigma League of Legends e-sport competition. It was an incredibly exciting competition where the teams were even and struggled hard in several games. In the final round, Team Boysen from Täby and Team ViddeP met, and finally Team Boysen from Täby won. The members of the winning team are:

Ludvig "Björnen Baloo" Grönlund
Joakim "Kackis" Bergström
Linus "TheRoyalKanin" Grönlund
Ismail "Smailord" Jiber majloo_p on Instagram
Love "Bravado" Rapp

In addition to the honor, the winners received tickets for the BYOC Dreamhack Summer 2018 and gift cards on Steam. Second prize was day pass to Dreamhack Summer 2018.

The teams in Sunday's finals, who had qualified through competitions in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, were:

Team Above the rest - winner of the qualifying competition in Malmö
Team Culex - winner from qualifying competition in Göteborg
Team ViddeP - winner from the qualifying competition in Stockholm
Team Boysen from Täby - winner from the qualifying competition in Stockholm

The final was played at Inferno Online, Odenplan and all games were followed by streaming on Twitch where the cast was made by Alex (TwitchID Floopzxd), Ivan (IvDiv), Markus (Folkzone) and Angelica (AngelicaEU).

This was the first time the Sigma League of Legends Tournament was hosted. 160 gamers competed and the tournament has received great attention among e-sports youngsters. Dreamhack and Nocco also supported the competition through sponsorship.

Sigma IT Consulting sponsors the female team Sigma Gaming, one of Sweden's best e-sports teams in the Female Legends tournament for instance. Through this initiative, Sigma wants to contribute to increasing the number of young people interested in the IT Industry, as well as increasing gender equality in both e-sports and the industry.

– E-sport is growing enormously. More than 190 million play or follow e-sports more than four days a week. Because there is a great lack of IT engineers, we want more people to open their eyes to the IT industry and choose to get an education in the field and, of course, work at Sigma. We want to employ the stars of the future, say’s Beatrice Silow, Communications and Cultural Manager, at Sigma IT Consulting.