At Sigma IT Consulting we focus on the future of technical solutions. We offer product development services both within embedded systems as well as development of large complex systems such as radio based stations, radar systems, connected devices, cloud services and autonomous vehicles. A typical R&D assignment often involves the entire chain from design, development and verification to testing and software test automation.

Greater potential

There is also a greater potential when R&D and IT are combined. The trend is that more and more product development projects are developed by combining proprietary technology with standard solutions and mobile devices. We have, for example, developed a cloud-based system to connect a large number of Internet of Things products. The system is already used by large companies today. New applications are waiting around the corner, i.e. the creation of sustainable digital cities. Certainly, there is the opportunity to utilize new technology even within your company.

Are you in need of reinforcements for your company's R&D department? Then we have several different ways to help. In addition to our expertise in product development, we also have access to specialists such as advisors, agile coaches, product owners, system specialists/designers, project managers/scrum masters, developers, testers, test leaders and test automation experts.


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