Meet our heroes

The Sigma Group has over 3900 employees in 12 countries who possess focused technical expertise. Sigma IT Consulting, the largest company within the Sigma Group, has been a core business throughout the years, offering both breadth and depth in IT. We help our clients by providing all the knowledge and skills needed to create new IT solutions. A solution can be about digital innovation or transformation, product innovation, system development, application management, or anything else that requires our technology, design, strategy, or communication expertise. As a consultant at Sigma, you are a hero solving tomorrow's problems and placing technology front and center.

Malcolm Kente

In programming, we learn from each other. Not least here at Sigma where sharing knowledge is a natural part of the culture. The whole team benefits from that and in the long run, our customers do too.


Thanks to an advertisement on LinkedIn I came across Sigma. Already at the first interview, it felt good and that feeling turned out to be correct. The Java team where I work now is a great bunch. We have competence at different levels, a good and close collaboration, we support and assist each other when needed. I've always had a lot of energy and could not stand still. Football, basketball, running – it’s all great fun.

In my teens, when I moved from Tanzania to the United States, I really discovered hip hop and it became a big and important part of my life. In 2012, I moved to Sweden. In the gym, I tried out a dance class and I really love it. Initially I thought of becoming a personal trainer. But I have always enjoyed math and logical thinking. In High School, I tried programming. I studied Graphic Design and thought it was fun to get animations to move. So instead of PT, I chose to study Soft Engineering and Management, specializing in Java at Gothenburg University. I like the logic and creating different objects that become one unit. It could be a spreadsheet, game development, or controlling and monitoring machines. It doesn’t matter. The challenge and problem solving are the main issues. That's why it's fun working at Sigma – there are so many assignments with exciting challenges.

Each One Teach One, is a term that I value. Although it originates in a much more serious context, it fits both for the dance and the work. In my spare time, I’m a dance teacher in hip hop and kizomba at the Twisted Feet Dance Academy as well as in the dance collective Fuse Fam. The latter, I was also one of the founders. I have competed in one of Sweden's biggest dance festivals, the Gothenburg Dance Festival, which was very fun and exciting.

In programming, we also always learn from each other. Not least here at Sigma, where sharing knowledge is a natural part of the culture. The whole team benefits from that and in the long run, as do our customers.



I have not been to any other workplace that offers such great opportunities. Every time you change assignments, you improve your skills. It makes you grow.


Sigma offers great opportunities to develop. There is also great freedom and support for new ideas. Like when I came up with the idea to start a Swedish pod about coding. It was no problem to start the Sigma pod. Today we are three people who think over ideas and put them into action. And when we asked our regional manager here in Gothenburg if he wanted to contribute and tell us about his job, there was no problem. He gladly accepted the invitation and took the time for us.

As a Java developer, I get new challenges every day, that’s the best part about my job. It is always important to be alert. I love the problem solving. It is also a privilege to work with people who share the same interest. I was planning to be a math scientist, but during one of the courses I came across programming and became totally fascinated. It was so concrete and not at all as abstract as the math. After my education at the university and Chalmers in Gothenburg, I got a job in Stockholm. A few years later, I began to think about moving back. On a dinner, there were several guests who spoke very positively about Sigma. It settled the matter. I searched for a job and here I am.

Right now, I have an assignment as a back-end developer at a large telecom company. We are 5-6 people and in addition to back-end and front-end, there are testers and UX designers who work in the same scrum team. I like to join a new project from start to finish. There’s more variation: sometimes I fix bugs, type tests, troubleshoot or create new code. Mostly, I like to sit with a front-end colleague and see the results of our joint work, and finally see the full flow. I also think that diversity is important, and the IT industry is not at the forefront for this. I was very happy to meet the girls in Pink Programming. A non-profit association with the goal to get more women to program. I was there to present Sigma, who is the sponsor of the association. As a result, I now actively participate when Pink Programming meets and arrange camps.

It feels like more and more girls are getting their eyes on the opportunities in our industry. But much remains to be done, not least to catch up with girls going to high school and soon to do their study choices.

Malin Bryntesson

To me, it is important to challenge myself and surpass my goals. Or as the artist Hanna Wilke said, "Having a talent is not worth much unless you know what to do with it." 


For me, UX design is basically about designing thoughtful experiences based on an understanding of the user's needs and prerequisites. That the user intuitively loves the product or service without having to explain why. I do not regret for a second that I moved to Stockholm when I was offered the job here at Sigma. I work with collaborative and friendly colleagues who have been in the industry for a long time and know how it works. We do not come with ready-made package solutions but adapt to customer needs. There are always new and fun tasks to be solved. It’s invigorating to help the customers with their challenges.

I am an educated artist, and previously, before I started in the IT industry, I worked as an illustrator and as a project leader with art and culture projects, so I am used to working outside the framework with creativity as a driving force. You must constantly dare to challenge yourself, but also dare to fail. And do not hesitate to take on difficult tasks. It's great to get outlet for your creativity at work. Discuss and exchange experiences and tips with like-minded colleagues. I love finding new tracks and dare to try out what's unexplored.

For me, user experience is about behaviors and to design the actual experience. The core is to create something that is both functional, innovative and special for the users. The main tools in my everyday life are: questioning, hypotheses, analysis and visualization of solutions, and have fun! There is probably a touch of collector mania in my personality. In addition to felt pens, I collect copper and porcelain by Swedish artisans. Scandinavian design is a great favorite. My latest passion is lamps and lamp design. I think all creators are fascinated by light and how it can change an environment. The artist Hanna Wilke described it so well:

" Having a talent is not worth much unless you know what to do with it ".