Queues, bridge openings, roadworks, accidents and other obstacles. Every day, there are lots of situations resulting in traffic jams. But now there is a way to keep up to date about the traffic situation in Stockholm and Gothenburg – and thousands of people have already found the solution.

On behalf of Trafik Stockholm and Trafik Göteborg, Sigma IT Consulting has developed two applications, as a complement to the web service Trafiken.nu.

Trafiken.nu is a digital service with combined real-time information about traffic in the Stockholm and Gothenburg areas. The purpose is to facilitate road users when deciding on their travel. Anyone who drives a car or a motorcycle, walk, ride a bike or travel by public transports, benefits from the information. Travelers' needs for a smoother and more accessible service have been fulfilled, thanks to the apps.

Via the apps, users can access information about queues, accidents, roadworks, road conditions and commute parking lots, as well as view images from traffic cameras. There is also a feature for subscribing to notifications of incidents that may affect a certain route.

– The usage of the app has increased continuously since it was launched, indicating that it is requested by road users. Getting pushed traffic information tailored to their own needs has long been high on our users' wish list and it feels great to be able to meet these wishes, says Malin Stoldt, Project Manager at the Traffic Office in Gothenburg.

– We are incredibly proud of the features and design of the apps. Because they reach out to so many users, we have put extra focus on the UX design. Everyone should easily be able to use the apps to better plan their routes, says Rashwan Lazkani, Project Manager and iOS Developer for Trafiken.nu at Sigma IT Consulting.

Sigma IT Consulting won the procurement to develop and manage the apps. The apps are free and available on Google Play and App Store. Download and update yourself about the traffic situation before heading out on the roads in the Stockholm or Gothenburg area!

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